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Welcome to ASDA Sheds & Garages

ASDA Sheds & Garages is an authorised distributor for Fair Dinkum Homes & Sheds. We supply garages, carports, barns, farm sheds and industrial/commercial buildings.



All Fair Dinkum buildings are Designed and Certified to the Building Code of Australia and relevant Australian Standards.

  • Garages from Fair Dinkum Sheds cover a large range, providing for people who need something for storage or a workshop. Available are single garages, double garages, or a garage that has as many roller doors as the engineering will allow. These inexpensive designs can vary in span, length, height, roof pitch and any other parameter that you can think to change is most likely a possibility.

  • American Barns give you that bit of extra space and style. They are very practical for a multi-car garage, boat shed, workshop, horse stable or any large storage solution! They are also fully customisable , as all Fair Dinkum sheds are. You could even turn one of the sides of your American barn into an open carport, or verandah.

  • Industrial/comercial Fair Dinkum Sheds are the best choice when it comes to choosing large economical steel buildings. The 35 meter span allows you ample room for most small to medium industrial applications. Weather you need it for mass storage, or an industrial workshop, you’ll be able to customise a large industrial shed to suit your needs.
  • Quaker Barns will give you extra style and much more head-room if you choose this unique looking shed. Weather you need more height to fit in something tall, or you wish to add a second floor to your garage, the Quaker Barn can be the right choice of Fair Dinkum Shed.

  • Carports are a perfect inexpensive way to shield your car from the elements. As with all of our products, you can choose the span, length and height of your carport. But why stop there. You can include a car port on the side or front of your garage, giving you a secure place for storage or workshop.

  • Farm sheds can be used in so many different situations. You can use them as open stables, for storage of farm equipment, or simply as a hay shed. Your farm shed is also endless customisable. You can have open bays, closed bays, and you can even add in divider walls. You can also put roller doors where ever you wish .




  • 100% BlueScope Steel.
  • Full Selection of Colorbond colours to fit in with any existing design.
  • Up to a 25 year Manufacturers Warranty.
  • Fully Galvanised Frame.
  • 550MPa Roof and Wall Sheeting.
  • 100% Australian Owned.
  • Products Manufactured in all states and territories.
  • Free online and onsite quotations.
  • Normally a fixed price contract, ensuring your peace of mind.
  • Greatest range of customisation and versatility available at the best rates on the best product.
  • Affordable Quality.
  • Complete kits with no hidden surprises.
  • Simple assemblies for low cost construction or easy do it yourself installations.


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Fair Dinkum Homes & Sheds is a leading distributor of residential garages and carports, barns, farm sheds and industrial/commercial buildings. Fair Dinkum products are sold through Distributors all over Australia.



ASDA Sheds & Garages is a local ,family owned business in Wodonga. All Sheds & Garages are manufactured from quality Bluescope steel & Bluescope colourbond, produced locally in Albury by Stramit Building Products.